Cup: Nantes – Nice Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Cup: Nantes – Nice Preview

No reinforcements for Nantes, only daily rumors regarding the departure of striker Djordjevic and a felling of complacency after the 1st part of the season.

[restrict paid=true level=1]Nantes’ offensive phase it’s only about Djordjevic. Whenever he is out of form Nantes can only score through long range attempts or deflected balls, just like it happened in the final rounds before the winter break. Djordjevic was so disconnected from everything that it culminated with him getting injured last round.

During Djordjevic’s mind trips offensive midfielder Bedoya and forward Aristiguieta got more involved in the game and even scored a couple of goals. But they are no amazing players or anything, it was mostly luck that propelled the ball in the net.

Nantes are suffering upfront, there’s too much reliance on Djordjevic and his state of mind can influence Nantes’ results.

Defensively Nantes look very decent, but with the offensive players having little to no initiative there is constant pressure on defenders. In-fact Nantes are 3rd from the bottom when it comes to possession, having an average of 46% per game.

Only in the last rounds of 2013 Nice managed to bounce back after 7 consecutive defeats.They had some problems with injured players, and sadly for them, it looks like the problems still persist in 2014. Both central defenders Pejcinovic and Bodmer are out injured.

This can be considered quite a blow, but against a team like Nantes, heavily dependent on only 1 offensive player, all of Nice’s defenders can be replaceable…

The good news is that Nice’s offensive players found some form just before the break. Wingers Bautheauc and Eysseric entered the new year in full confidence, just like attacking midfielder Bruls.

These 3 are very ingenious players, able to destabilize many defenses with through balls or actions carried out in speed.

Even without both central defenders the value is definitely on guests. Nice +0.5 at the odds of 1.72 is a solid bet.[/restrict]

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