Cup: Angers – Sochaux Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Cup: Angers – Sochaux Preview

Despite being involved in the promotion battle for Ligue1, Angers create very few chances per game, under Ligue2 ratio.

In Ligue2 the average of assists is 1.6 per game and in Angers’ case is 1.4, in-spite them being 2nd in the table.

[restrict paid=true level=1] Angers began 2014 in a hesitant manner. The biggest problem is undoubtedly in the offensive compartment. It is not necessarily forwards’ fault as the balls for them are very rare. Creating dangerous chances seems to be Angers’ weakness.

On the other hand you have to know that Ligue2 teams are way more concentrated in defense than Ligue1 clubs. This is exactly why it is such a disputed competition.

Angers only adapted to the mentality of the tournament and nothing more.

Sochaux sucked big time against Montpellier. Leaving aside the read card for midfielder Sinkala (that was foreseen) the spaces in the defense were huge and offensively they failed to pose any danger.

I don’t know why striker Bakambu started playing football, as he’s got no talent whatsoever. All his attempt went outside the stadium.

Sochaux’s coach Renard knowledge on football is very limited to say the least. He did ok while coaching Zambia and playing against Burundi and such teams but he is totally overwhelmed by Ligue1 standards, and will end up burying Sochaux’s survival hopes.

Sochaux continuously try to open up opponents without having a plan put together. Forward Jordan Ayew who was loaned in from Marseille gave some hope, but everything is in vain seeing he’s got no capable teammates to collaborate with.

Many players are involved in the offensive phase for Sochaux and the defense is too loose to cope with the incoming danger. In these conditions no matter how few chances Angers create per game, that number should increase against a team like Sochaux.

Sochaux have 2 players suspended, central midfielder Sinkala, and important fullback Corchia (best player in the squad). On the other hand they will welcome back keeper Pouplin after injury. Boumal and Doubai are also called after coach Renard left them outside the squad last round…

Besides being better organized and having a professional coach, there is also something else in Angers’ favor. For both clubs this game could represent a burden seeing they have other priorities. Sochaux have a huge game away at Ajaccio on Saturday, while Angers will play at home against a difficult team (Dijon). The only thing is Angers’ game will be on Monday, they will have more time to rest and can afford to use more regulars.

Angers will be without striker Blayac who got injured last round. But Ayari will substitute him, and he is faster and a better choice for these types of games.

Angers to win at the odds of 2.05 with low to medium stakes.[/restrict]

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