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Caen – Toulouse Preview

caen toulouse preview

Great start of the season for Caen who managed an impressive victory away at Marseille 1-0.

The performance in itself was not that convincing especially since Caen were dominated for most of the game but the results matter the most in the end. In defense Caen looked great with defenders always in alert and keeper Vercourtre in excellent form.

In attack on the other hand things didn’t look that good even if newly arrived forward Delort scored his first goal and winger Bessat participated intensively at building play. They have 2 new players in the attacking phase and chemistry needs to be improved as they are losing valuable time with unnecessary moves.

Central midfielders Feret and Delaplace (also newly transferred) concentrated mainly on the defensive phase and their support for forwards consisted only in long balls.

Although it had 3 goals in it the game between Toulouse and St Etienne was really ugly. All goals were scored following set pieces and only 1 or 2 chances were created from open play.

Toulouse started the game in a hesitant manner and found themselves 1-0 down after only 15 minutes. They tried to push the game forward but didn’t had the power to get inside the penalty box. As a result they relied exclusively on long range attempts and free kicks. Both their goals came from free kicks taken by the two forwards Braithwaite and Ben Yedder.

New goalkeeper Goicoechea has problems in communicating with teammates and defending set pieces will be a nightmare until they will address those problems.

Defensive midfielder Doumbia seem to have improved a lot lately and became a key element both for the defensive and offensive phase. He is a tall and powerful player, very agile and precise in interventions.

Toulouse will miss forward Pesic who got a red card last round.

Counter attacking tactics may suit Caen better and it remains to be seen how will they perform when they are favorites and need to attack. In case one of the teams will find the net they will do everything in their power to kill the game.

UPDATE: No surprises in the squad

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Appiah, Alhadhur, A.Yahia, D.Da Silva, S.Ben Youssef, Imorou – Seube, Adéoti, Delaplace, Féret, Bessat, Nkololo – Nangis, Louis, Delort, Bazile

Toulouse: Ahamada, Goicoechea – Kana-Biyik, Moubandjé, Ninkov, Spajic, Spano, Yago – Akpa-Akpro, Bodiger, E.Didot, T.Doumbia, Regattin, Somalia, Trejo – Ben Yedder, Braithwaite, Roman

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