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Caen Rennes Preview

caen rennes preview



Caen are sitting on three consecutive defeats and unfortunately there is no improvement in their play, on the contrary, it seems they simply embraced the poor form and aren’t doing anything to address the situation.

Last round Caen had to accept the rythm imposed by Lyon, and they failed miserably every-time when trying to exploit on counters (Lyon won 4-1).

Forward Delort scored a goal, but had a poor performance overall, just like winger Rodelin. They are extremely important players, and their poor form means that Caen are unable to push the game forward and can’t find the net.


Rennes dominated last round against Angers, but managed to score the winner only in extra time (won 1-0). Rennes have so many talented offensive players, but it’s no wonder they are all underperforming and Rennes struggle to score, since coach Courbis always makes the wrong decisions.

Last round for example Rennes started with 20 years old Salles Lamonge in the play-maker position. He was recently promoted from the youth team, and was overwhelmed by all the responsibility. In second half he was substituted with Gourcuff, the play-maker who was injured for most of his career and is always out-of-form.

In defense Rennes can be pretty solid, and if coach Courbis will get his head straight and find the perfect formula upfront, Rennes will definitely be in cards for a place in Europa League next season.


Odds don’t reflect the advantage Rennnes have. They are in good form and confidence and it’s only a matter of time until they start scoring 2 or 3 goals per game. RENNES DNB at 2.00

UPDATE: Rennes will miss forward Quintero who is injured.

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Appiah, Yahia, Ben Youssef, Da Silva, Bessat – Adéoti, Seube, Makengo, Leborgne, Féret, Nkololo –Delort, Rodelin, Kouakou, Ntibazonkiza, Bazile

Rennes: Costil, Ab.Diallo – S.Armand, Baal, Danzé, Diagne, M’Bengue, P.Mendes, Moreira, Zeffane – B.André, G.Fernandes, Gourcuff, Salles-Lamonge – Boga, O.Dembélé, Grosicki, P.Henrique, Ntep, Sio

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