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Caen – PSG Preview

Frustrating game for Caen last week against Toulouse (finished 3-3). Even if Caen proved to be very pragmatic and efficient and converted all their major opportunities, they had to deal with a referee that most probably had a bet on Toulouse.

Referee Bastien simply invented 2 penalties for Toulouse and helped hosts get back in the game twice. Luck was also on Toulouse’s side as when the referee couldn’t do anything more to assure the draw, a missed volley attempt somehow ended in the net in the dying moments of the game.

Caen certainly thinks of the draw with Toulouse as 2 points lost instead of 1 point won. This will surely make them more determined, if there is ever the need for extra determination against PSG.

All Caen’s wingers (Bazile, Raspentino and Nangis) are in excellent form and the timing couldn’t be better since the only way to open up PSG is to attack the flanks.

PSG slowly became draw specialists. If until last round they used to reduce intensity only in away games, now PSG’s superstars got so lazy they began to take the foot off the gas in home games as well.

If there is need for extra evidence for PSG’s apathy we can take a look at the statements after each draw and see how all players are satisfied with their performances…

Besides the clear lack of interest there also seems to be a problem with the atmosphere at PSG. In the media rumors abound on how Ibrahimovic is actually the one telling coach Blanc how the lineup should look like.

Fullbacks Maxwell and Van der Wiel should take their places in the lineup after being rested last round. But even with them in the field PSG have difficulties in defending the flanks. It will be even more harder now as defensive midfielder Verratti, the one who used to cover for fullbacks’ absence, is out suspended.

Caen are built for exploiting on counters through fast paced actions. And now when motivation is definitely on their side at least 1 point should remain at home. Caen +1 at 2.00

UPDATE: PSG will be without Ibrahimovic who suffered an injury.

Caen: Vercoutre, Perquis – Calvé, Appiah, Raineau, Pierre, D.Da Silva – Adéoti, Saez, Seube, N.Kanté, Lemar, Féret – Nangis, Raspentino, Koita, Bazile, Duhamel

PSG: Douchez, Sirigu – Aurier, Camara, Luiz, Digne, Marquinhos, Maxwell, Van der Wiel – Cabaye, Chantôme, Matuidi, Pastore, Motta– Bahebeck, Cavani, Lavezzi, Lucas.

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