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Caen – Nantes Preview

Caen Nantes Preview


We just had proof last round that Caen’s counter attacking strategy works against most opponents in Ligue1. Caen were incredibly smart last week away at Reims and fully deserved to take all points (won 1-0). Reims were actually the ones who tried to impose the rythm but their actions ended way before reaching Caen’s penalty box.

Caen’s level of organization is really impressive and, especially as of late, opponents have major difficulties in finding a way inside the penalty box. In-fact Caen managed to keep a clean sheet in the last 3 games after using the same counter attacking strategy in all of them.

Players involved in the offensive phase (Bessat, Rodelin and Delort) are really fast and inventive and don’t need much support from midfielders, so Caen afford to concentrate on the defensive phase.


The game between Nantes and Troyes last week was not that one sided as the scoreline suggests (Nantes won 3-0). Actually Nantes were often under pressure and only thanks to opponents’ inefficiency and keeper’s Riou reflexes they kept a clean sheet.

Although they scored 3 times Nantes also struggled offensively and all their goals resulted from unexpected situations. Nantes haven’t really outplayed opponents in the offensive phase, but only took advantage of a couple of wandering moments.


We’ve mentioned before that Nantes have a young squad and also a bit inexperienced. Caen are exactly at the opposite end, in-fact they seem to be one of the most disciplined sides in Ligue1. This game will be played out exactly how Caen will desire, and Nantes will be able to control parts of the game only because that is Caen’s strategy Caen -0.5 at 1.91

UPDATE: Nantes are without forward Sigthorsson

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Raineau, Al.Yahia, Appiah, Ben Youssef, Imorou, Da Silva – Seube, Ntibazonkiza, Bessat, Féret, Leborgne, Adéoti – Delort, Rodelin, Louis, Nkololo

Nantes: Dupé, Ré.Riou – Cana, Djidji, Dubois, Lenjani, Moimbé, Sabaly, Vizcarrondo – Adryan, Deaux, Iloki, Rongier, Thomasson, B.Touré – Audel, Bammou, Sala

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