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Caen – Montpellier Preview

caen montpellier preview


Excellent display from Caen last round who won away at Troyes without much efforts (finished 3-1). Caen let opponents hold possession and focused on stopping actions way before they reached the penalty box. All players were in good confidence and their tackles were very precise.

Winger Bessat finally scored his first goal for Caen after constant good performances since the beginning of the season. Another good news is that key midfielder Feret recovered his offensive appetite and scored an impressive goal. Feret was very defensive minded since the season started and this had a major impact on Caen’s attacking phase.

But it’s not all milk and honey for Caen as coach Garande will have to improvise a central defense since Da Silva and Ben Youssef will be out suspended. Central midfielder Delaplace suffered an injury last week and will also sit out.


Although Montpellier had more possession they made a poor game last week against St Etienne (lost 2-1). Montpellier struggled to approach the penalty box but couldn’t find any solutions and were forced to try their luck with long range attempts.

It will be really difficult for Montpellier from now on without winger Mounier who transferred out. Mounier was the most important player for the attacking phase and now all the responsibility will be on the shoulders of newly arrived Boudebouz who has yet to adapt.


Caen may be forced to convert a midfielder to the central defender position and in normal conditions this would create some problems, but not when up against Montpellier who simply don’t have the means to exploit this vulnerability. Since Montpellier are out of form and without any confidence Caen have a great chance to keep all points at home. Caen -0.5 at 2.19

UPDATE: Montpellier welcome back midfielder Martin

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Appiah, Alhadhur, A.Yahia, Le Joncour, Imorou, Raineau – Seube, Adéoti, Leborgne, Beaulieu, Féret, Nkololo, Bessat – Rodelin, Louis, Delort, Bazile

Montpellier: Pionnier, Ligali – Congré, Hilton, Bensebaini, W.Rémy, Roussillon, Deplagne – B.Dabo, J.Marveaux, Boudebouz, Lasne, J.Martin – Bérigaud, Cornette, Ribelin, Deza, M.Yatabaré

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