Caen – Lorient Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Caen – Lorient Preview

Caen changed their usual away from home approach last round at Bordeaux (drew 1-1). Until now they concentrated on hitting on counters but last round Caen adopted a more daring strategy.

Although they were underdogs there were many moments in the game in which Caen were clearly superior to Bordeaux, applied constant pressure and cornered them. This strategy is new for Caen and it’s exactly what they need as it may help them get the first points on home ground.

I know it’s not normal to enjoy when someone suffers an injury but in the light of the upcoming bet I am really happy that forward Koita got injured. He is very slow, always undecided and many actions are simply wasted because of him. Caen can make a killing on the wings thanks to the speed and ball control of Nangis and Bazile, but because of Koita one of them was only a substitute. Now against Lorient both Nangis and Bazile should start.

About two season ago it was really a pleasure to watch Lorient play. Creativity was running high, open games and many goals, but nowadays it is simply painful to see Lorient in action. Players simply don’t know where teammates are, they rush to wherever the ball is and agglomerate that area. It is like watching an amateur team. They try to compensate the lack of coherent tactics by extra efforts but it’s not really working.

Winger Sunu is probably the most lucid player on the field but is often forced to turn around and slow down game due to teammates’ lack of anticipation.

Lorient’s offensive players are always caught facing the wrong direction and by the time they turn around even spectators have enough time to enter the pitch and tackle.

Guests should welcome back forward Ayew and defender Lautoa.

With increased confidence Caen should be able to impose the rythm, pressure opponents and get the first victory on home ground. Caen -0.5 at 1.97

UPDATE: Lorient will again miss defender Lautoa

Caen: Vercoutre, Perquis – Calvé, Da Silva, Musavu-King, Imorou, Pierre, Appiah – Adéoti, Seube, N.Kanté, Féret, Lemar, Saez – Nangis, Bazile, Raspentino, Duhamel

Lorient: Lecomte, Chaigneau – Gassama, Pedrinho, Wachter, Bellugou, L.Koné, Guerreiro, Le Goff – Abdullah, Coutadeur, Mostefa, Mesloub, Sunu, Jouffre, Lavigne – Diallo, Jeannot, J.Ayew, F.Robert

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