Caen – Bordeaux Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Caen – Bordeaux Preview

Excellent performance from Caen last week away at Marseille. A surprise was expected but finding a way back in the game after being 2-0 down is really worthy of praise (Caen won 3-2)

Caen’s potential of striking on counters is simply incredible and it seems there is no Ligue1 defense able to stop them (even scored twice against PSG three rounds ago). At the moment Caen is one of the most in-form and confident sides in Ligue1. Regardless they are playing at home or away Caen are very determined and courageous each round.

Defender Yahia returned from injury last round and went straight into the lineup. He was a bit hesitant and most likely needs more time to pick up rythm.

Wingers Nangis and Bazile suffered injuries against Marseille and it seems that only Nangis will recover in time for this game.

Hosts won’t be able to use forward Sala who is loaned-in from Bordeaux and can’t play against his parent club.

Bordeaux were kind of disappointing last round against Reims (finished 1-1). They held possession and continuously pushed the game forward but lacked inventivity and most their actions finished way before reaching the penalty box.

The good news is that young forward Thelin scored his first goal for Bordeaux and hopefully his confidence will grow and performances will improve.

Regardless the draw and the disappointing display Bordeaux are still very dangerous, mainly because of the extraordinary talent in midfield. A starting formula with Sertic – Chantome – Maurice Belay would give huge headaches to any opponent in Ligue1 but in the same time would diminish Bordeaux’s defensive strength. This is why coach Sagnol avoids placing all three of them at once in the lineup. If you ever see a starting formula with the three mentioned players, don’t hesitate, jump on the over.

Caen should be considered favorites because of their recent run but Bordeaux aren’t any mugs and can always surprise. This will be an interesting game to watch but not that appealing in terms of betting.

UPDATE: Bordeaux welcome back winger Jussie after a long injury

Caen: Vercoutre, Perquis – Calvé, Appiah, Da Silva, Yahia, Saad, Imorou, Raineau – Beaulieu, Adéoti, Seube, N.Kanté, Lemar, Féret – Benezet, Privat, Nangis

Bordeaux: .Carrasso, Prior – Contento, Faubert, Ilori, Mariano, Pallois, Poundjé, L.Sané, Yambéré – Chantôme, Khazri, Maurice-Belay, Plasil, Poko, Sertic, Ab.Traoré – Jussiê, Rolan, Kiese Thelin, T.Touré, Crivelli

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