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Caen Bordeaux Preview

caen bordeaux preview


Caen opened the score very early last week, and since their opponents lacked motivation, the fate of the game was sealed (Caen won 2-1 away at Nantes).

2016 has been a poor year for Caen, especially in comparison to the first part of the season. After the winter break Caen lacked confidence and had alternating results. They rely too much on forward Delort and Rodelin, and whenever they have a bad day Caen are destined to lose. Last week for example both of them showed increased playing appetite and Caen won 2-1, after both Rodelin and Delort managed to score.

Most probably Caen will use the same team as last round since there are no new injuries.


Bordeaux made a good game last round against Champions PSG, and came pretty close to winning all points. Especially in the first half Bordeaux managed to impose the rythm, but unfortunately forwards Roland and Ounas weren’t pragmatic enough, and missed a couple of great opportunities. (finished 1-1).

Bordeaux also looked good in the defensive phase, and PSG superstars had difficulties in finding ways inside the penalty box.

Most probably things will change this round, as Bordeaux won’t show the same determination as against PSG.


The value is on Bordeaux, but considering this is the last game of the season, they may have a soft approach, while Caen may increase efforts on home ground.

UPDATE: Bordeaux will be without fullback Debuchy, midfielder Chantome and forward Ounas

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Appiah, Adéoti, Bessat, Raineau, Da Silva – Nkololo, Féret, Diomandé, Delaplace, Voisin, Seube, Leborgne – Rodelin, Delort, Ntibazonkiza, Louis

Bordeaux: Bernardoni, Prior – Contento, Guilbert, Pablo, Pallois, Poundjé, L.Sané – Maulun, Plasil, Poko, Soni, Vada, Yambéré – Crivelli, C.Diabaté, Malcom, Rolan, T.Touré, Kiese Thelin

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