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Bordeaux – Toulouse Preview

Bordeaux Toulouse Preview


Bordeaux will enter this game after two impressive performances against top opponents. First there was the game against PSG in which Bordeaux surprisingly managed to corner the current Champions quite easily (finished 2-2) and then there was the Europa League encounter against Liverpool (drew 1-1).

Bordeaux have been constantly improving since the season started and although they are yet to produce some truly impressive football we have to keep in mind they were up against powerful opponents so far (Lille, St Etienne, PSG).

In comparison to last Ligue1 game Bordeaux will welcome back defender Yembere and midfielder Chantome but will miss suspended forward Saivet.


Toulouse started last round in force and after only half an hour they were already 2-0 up. Unfortunately they finished the game on their knees as opponents Reims equalized in the final 10 minutes after applying constant pressure (2-2 against Reimns)

Forward Ben Yedder played for about an hour but once again had a poor performance and coach Arribage was forced to substitute him. Ben Yedder remains with just 1 goal scored this season, in the 1st round from a free kick. It seems there is no solution to improve Ben Yedder’s form and confidence. Toulouse’s fans even made a video encouraging Ben Yedder but everything has been in vain so far.

For a couple of rounds midfielder Doumbia has been suspended by the club but realizing the delicate situation officials decided to end Doumbia’s suspension and he was once again in the lineup. Doumbia is maybe Toulouse’s most active player so far, involved both in the defensive and offensive phase, very precise in interventions and passes.


Toulouse struggle defensively and it’s no surprise that they have conceded in all games played so far. With Ben Yedder out of form now the attacking phase is also suffering. Bordeaux have an extremely powerful midfield with Khazri, Chantome, Maurice-Belay, Poko, and should have no problems in controlling the game. Bordeaux -0.5 at 2.08

UPDATE: Midfielder Plasil is once again available for Bordeaux.

Bordeaux: C.Carrasso, Prior – Contento, Gajic, Guilbert, Pablo, Pallois, Yambéré – Chantôme, Khazri, Plasil, Maurice-Belay, Poko, Ab.Traoré – Crivelli, Jussiê, Rolan, Kiese Thelin

Ahamada, Goicoechea – Kana-Biyik, Spajic, Yago, Tisserand, Moubandje – Akpa-Akpro, Blin, Bodiger, E.Didot, T.Doumbia, Regattin, Somalia, Trejo – Ben Yedder, Braithwaite, Pesic

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