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Bordeaux – Rennes Preview

Although away at one of the most powerful Ligue1 sides Bordeaux afforded the luxury to rest their most important players, wingers Maurice-Belay and Rolan and striker Diabate. Fullback Mariano was also given some well deserved resting time.

In-spite of the heavily diminished potential Bordeaux managed to get an impressive result, drew 1-1 at St Etienne. Even if they were under pressure for most of the 90 minutes Bordeaux didn’t crack, on the contrary, they defended with confidence and didn’t hesitate to threat on counters whenever they had the chance.

Defender Sane was out injured and will miss again this round but his replacement Ilori made an impressive game and even managed to score the equalizer.

Bordeaux will be at full strength now with Mariano, Maurice-Belay, Rolan and Diabate in the lineup again.

Rennes recorded their 2nd consecutive 3-0 defeat on home ground against Toulouse. Not only the result was disappointing but also the performance itself.

Diagne was used in central defense instead of Armand and made a really poor game and even scored an own goal. Keeper Costil had slow reflexes and appeared to have other things on his mind. Fullback Danze was easily overrun and his poor form can have devastating consequences against Bordeaux who are specialists in building down the flanks. Central midfielders were nowhere to be seen when defenders needed their support. To sum it up the defensive phase was simply lamentable.

Upfront things looked a bit better even if Rennes couldn’t score. At times their game had a nice flow with fast and short passes. Midfielder Prcic showed playing appetite and often engaged in actions with wingers. Still, something is missing as Rennes lack the killer instinct.

Bordeaux have one of the most pragmatic and effective attacks in Ligue1. Every single mistake, every single hesitation coming from Rennes’ defenders will be exploited at maximum by players like Diabate, Rolan and Maurice-Belay. Bordeaux -0.75 at 2.07

UPDATE: Fullback M’Bengue and and winger Grosicki are back for Rennes.

Bordeaux: C.Carrasso, Jug – Contento, Faubert, Ilori, Mariano, Pallois, Planus, Poundjé – Badin, Kaabouni, Khazri, Plasil, Poko, Ab.Traoré – C.Diabaté, Maurice-Belay, Rolan, Sala, T.Touré

Rennes: Costil, Sorin – Moreira, Armand, Danzé, Diagne, Mexer, M’Bengue – Pajot, Prcic, Doucouré, Hunou, Fernandes – Pedro Henrique, Toivonen, Ntep, Habibou, Grosicki

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