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Bordeaux – PSG Preview

Bordeaux are still trying to adapt to a new playing style without fullback Tremoulinas. He played for them many seasons and got to be an exponential player. Bordeaux’s tactics were evolving around Tremoulinas and his incursions in the opponents’ half.

Now the entire burden of creation is upon the midfielders. It is not that wingers Obraniak or Maurice – Belay, or attacking midfielder Saivet aren’t capable of building dangerous actions, but they aren’t used with being the center of attention and having to take part in each and every action from the incipient stages.

Another issue is striker’s Diabate lack of form. In the 2nd part of last season Diabate was Bordeaux’s main man, scoring from every position and delivering crucial assists. Now he lacks confidence and can miss even the easiest of chances.

It is still early in the season and these problems of Bordeaux will eventually be solved. They can be fixed even after an intensive training week due to an international break….

For Bordeaux midfielder Sertic is still injured but striker Bellion will return from suspension.

On the other side we have PSG that have their own problems, that appear to be more serious than those of Bordeaux. They have tremendous value in the squad but somehow their game lacks coherence. Many of the goals scored so far were the result of individual actions and not team play.

This is by far PSG’s biggest issue: strong characters, lovers of individual play, always trying to prove something and always in competition with each other. Lack of collaboration if you like…

Ibrahimovic’s attitude is another factor with negative influence on teammates. Take Pastore for example, a very talented player but not in the best of shape at the moment. Every time Pastore misses a ball, Ibrahimovic gives him a “good for nothing” look that simply makes Pastore much more individualistic for the rest of the game.

And PSG would need a confident Pastore now maybe more than ever since they have some problems with the South American players: Silva, Maxwell, Lucas, Lavezzi and Cavani were all involved in international games this midweek in South / North America (Brazil vs Portugal was played in USA). Flights from the Americas to Europe are always long and exhausting, especially when they come just 48h before a league game.

It is not clear yet if PSG’s South Americans will be involved in the game vs Bordeaux, but even if they will they won’t be able to play at full potential.

Silva can be substituted by young and fragile (in terms of volume) Marquinhos, Maxwell by another youngster Digne, and Rabiot to replace Lavezzi or Cavani. Considering that Menez is still injured, Pastore will play an important role in building actions, but his current cooperation with Ibrahimovic will drag the team down.

For these reasons odds on PSG are way too low and the value lies on Bordeaux +0.50 @ 1.90
I’d also advise you to take this bet as soon as possible because most probably the odds will be going down when people will realize PSG’s problems with the 5 South Americans.

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