Bordeaux – Nantes Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Bordeaux – Nantes Preview

Bordeaux’s performance in midweek in Europa League was a bit disappointing. The problem with Bordeaux is the lack of creativity when they reach the other half.

Around 30 meters from opponents’ goal there’s an invisible line and Bordeaux get psychologically blocked, even if opponents get out of the way, Bordeaux just aren’t able to invent anything.

For example their last 3 goals came either from corners or long distance shots (from around 30 meters…). Otherwise they were not able to destabilize the defense, no matter the opponent.

Striker Diabate is still injured and even if I praised forwards Jussie, Rolan or Saivet in past previews, they are still far away from Diabate’s level.

In comparison to the Europa League game Bordeaux will welcome back defenders Henrique, Mariano and Orban. They will definitely boost the defense and will make it infinitely harder for Nantes to score.

Also keeper Carrasso is in great form and his reflexes are more spectacular than ever.

Nantes prove they have the mentality of a small club. Well they are a small club and only just promoted this season in Ligue1, but even so, they are so complacent with only defending every time they have the lead (or it’s even a draw) that you just can’t have any feelings for them.

This attitude is mostly visible in away games, for example last round when they played at Montpellier. Before Nantes took the lead the game was balanced and played mostly in the midfield. After scoring Nantes withdrew in defense for the remaining hour and never even had an attempt of increasing their lead. In the end this self satisfaction deprived them of 2 important points (the game finished 1-1).

I admit that whenever Nantes defends in numbers it is very difficult for opponents to find any open spaces, especially for teams with limited offensive potential like Bordeaux.

When playing away, Nantes never adventure upfront, they play a boring waiting game that has the effects of a sleeping pill.

There shouldn’t be many events in the 1st half, with Bordeaux struggling offensively and Nantes being compact at the back.

The winner will most likely be decided late in the 2nd half when the opponent will have no resources left to bounce back and the game will be killed.

Personally I am not a fan of these bets but in this case I just have to take Both Teams To Score – No at the odds of 1.72.

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