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Bordeaux – Montpellier Preview

Bordeaux’s good results are a normal consequence of their improvement. They finally have adapted to a playing style without emphasis on fullbacks (last season all balls went to fullback Tremoulinas).

Winger Obraniak is very active lately and gets involved in triangles with Saivet and Diabate, short and fast passes that take opponents out of play and create numerical superiority.

On the other side Maurice – Belay fulfilled his suspension and will return. He was also rested in Europa League midweek game (along with defensive midfielder Nguemo, Planus and fullback Mariano). Maurice-Belay could be a bit out of form, so there’s a possibility for Bordeaux to start with Sertic, which is not necessarily a bad thing (a very hard working player).

In comparison to last week they will also welcome back central defender Henrique, who will definitely boost not only the defense but the offense as well (he scored the winner vs Apoel in Europa League).

With Henrique in central defense and Nguemo as a central midfielder, Montpellier will have to make extra efforts to score against Bordeaux.

Montpellier will also welcome back a couple of players: forward Montano, fullback Tiene and midfielder Sanson (all suspended last round).
Most probably all of them will go straight into the line-up.

Especially Montano returning could be a major boost, but the problem is that Montano needs servants to provide assists and their main man, playmaker Cabella is running low on confidence. Last round against Lille (lost 0-1) his shots were more like passes to the keeper, his through balls always missed the target and he even missed a penalty in the final moments of the game. So I wouldn’t be counting on Cabella to provide Montano with any key passes…

Winger Mounier is injured but coach Fernandez couldn’t be happier about this. Now he can use his favorite player Bakar without anyone asking why. Now coach Fernandez has a reason for starting with a player who lacks speed, ball control and most elementary attributes a football player needs. Bakar’s transfer fee is around 2.5 mil euros but I really can’t understand why, maybe he’s of some use around the kitchen or something.

Camara will once start as a winger. He plays striker one round and winger the other. This guy is getting so confused that pretty soon will start switching sides all together. I can even imagine a headline in L’Equipe: “Camara scores an amazing own goal after dribbling all his teammates”

Montano is a decent and in-form striker, but with Bakar – Cabella – Camara the ones providing balls for him, Montpellier won’t create too many chances.

Midfielder Marveaux got injured last week and will most probably sit out.

I agree the odds for home win could be better, but 2.11 will have to do. I see Bordeaux doing just enough to take the lead and then comfortably reject all shy incoming actions. Maybe score one more on counters. 1-0 or 2-0 most probable scorelines.

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