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Bordeaux – Maccabi Preview

It is really a shame that despite their oxygenated and confident playing style Bordeaux only have 1 win in this season.

The reason for this is obvious: change of tactics in regards to last season when the accent was placed on fullback’s Tremoulinas actions on the left side and the triangles he engaged in with Maurice Belay and Obraniak or Diabate.

Now Tremoulinas is gone and the most important players, Obraniak and Maurice Belay are yet to adapt to a new system that implies actions carried mainly in the center by Sertic and Saivet or on the other flank by fullback Mariano.

Sertic got injured last week just before the game against Evian so most probably will miss. Also due to Bordeaux’s delicate situation in Ligue1 we could see a couple of other substitutions.

One sure change will be fullback’s Poundje (aka karate kid) presence as Orban is suspended. Poundje is very precipitated in interventions and far from a stable player. At the beginning of the season he was the undisputed choice for the left back position but with each round he proved to be only a mediocre player with confidence problems.

We can also see Diabate and Obraniak on the bench in favor of Rolan and Jussie.

With Sertic out Bordeaux’s power in the center will be severely diminished. If for regulars like Obraniak and Maurice – Belay it is difficult to find rhythm and form under a new system, what can we say about bench warmers like Jussie or Rolan?

Bordeaux will have big problems scoring against a team that ticks like a Swiss watch at he moment.

The problems foreseen for Bordeaux are not only offensive but defensive too. Bordeaux simply don’t know how to preserve a result, how to close the play, how to wait for the proper moment to strike. The game vs Lorient two rounds ago is the perfect proof for that (3-3). They continuously bring many players up the field (fullbacks + def mids) in an attempt to combat the lack of form of offensive players.

Bordeaux have a lot of potential but they won’t be able to exploit it with a couple of substitutes and against a team in top form (no matter the country / league). They will simply have to wait until this weekend to get a second victory this season (vs Sochaux on Sunday maybe)

Bookies have set the odds wrong once again relying on West’s supremacy in football. But that supremacy doesn’t count in Europa League, in fact Europa League was born to give chances to teams like Maccabi. Odds of 1.87 for Maccabi +0.5 are a must take.

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