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Bordeaux – Lorient Preview

Last round Bordeaux’s coach Sagnol took the decision to rest fullback Mariano and winger Maurice-Belay.

As a result the offensive potential was heavily diminished since Mariano often takes part in the attacking phase and Maurice-Belay was one Bordeaux’s best players last month.

Bordeaux still dominated but instead of pushing down the flanks (their usual strategy) they concentrated forces mostly in the center. Unfortunately central midfielders Plasil and Sertic aren’t so offensive minded so all of Bordeaux’s attempts were kind of shy.

Both Mariano and Maurice-Belay should return to the lineup this round.

Lorient confirmed they are going in the right direction after the 1-1 draw against Marseille. Their play improved and so did their attitude, but the problem is they rely too much on only two players, fullback Le Goff and winger Guerreiro. Both of them made huge efforts recently as most of Lorient’s actions last month involved them in one way or another. It’s been a hectic period, especially for Guerreiro who also played for his country in international games.

The exhaustion was visible last round when Guerreiro only wanted to get rid of the ball as soon as possible. If he will once again be in the lineup this round most likely he will drag Lorient back.

There is no denying guests have improved lately but their reliance on only two players is still a major weakness that can be easily exploit by powerful opponents. When it comes to playing style Bordeaux are at the opposite end as they can cover wide areas in the field and easily switch from one side to the other and still have the same intensity in actions. Bordeaux -0.5 at 1.90

UPDATE: Bordeaux are still without Sala and Contento while Lorient welcome back midfielder Reale.

Bordeaux: Carrasso, Jug – Faubert, Ilori, Mariano, Pallois, Poundjé, L.Sané – Khazri, Plasil, Sertic, Ab.Traoré – Diabaté, Maurice-Belay, Rolan, Saivet, T.Touré, Crivelli

Lorient: Lecomte, Chaigneau – Gassama, Wachter, Bellugou, L.Koné, Guerreiro, Le Goff, Lautoa – Coutadeur, Reale, Mostefa, Mesloub, Barthelmé, B.Pelé – J.Ayew, Jeannot, F.Robert

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