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Bordeaux Bastia Preview

bordeaux bastia preview



Really disappointing display from Bordeaux last week away at Toulouse. Players were slow, predictable, uninspired and in these conditions the final result was of no surprise (Toulouse won 4-0).

About a month ago Bordeaux tried a new strategy and things looked pretty good. The emphasis was on talented fullbacks Contento and Debuchy, who played an important role for the offensive phase. But Debuchy got injured, Contento lost form (was only on the bench last week) and Bordeaux slowly faded.

Bordeaux don’t really have anything to fight for, and it’s no wonder players barely lift their legs. Coach Sagnol really needs to find some ways to motivate his players, otherwise a series of negative results will follow.

Hosst will have to do without central defender Sane who is suspended.


Surprisingly poor performance from Bastia last week against Lille. For some reason opponents were very motivated and succeeded in imposing the rythm and controlling the game (Lille won 2-0).

Bastia are usually more organized and compact, but last round they looked soft and tired. It will be hard for Bastia to bounce back this round, since they will miss both central midfielders Cahuzac and Mostefa who are suspended.

Cahuzac and Mostefa play an extremely important role in organizing the entire team, and the overall strength will significantly diminish in their absence.


This can easily be the most boring game of the round, seeing that both sides showed signs of tiredness and happily accepted opponents’ dominance last week.

UPDATE: Bordeaux will miss defenders Debuchy and Pallois, midfielders Maurice – Belay, Chantome and Sertic

Bordeaux :Bernardoni, Prior – Contento, Gajic, Guilbert, Pablo, Poundjé, Yambéré – Plasil, Poko, Ab.Traoré, Vada – Crivelli, Diabaté, Jussiê, Malcom, Ounas, Rolan, Kiese Thelin, T.Touré

Bastia : Leca, Vincensini – Djiku, Marange, Peybernes, Cioni, Modesto, Squillaci, Palmieri, Jebbour – S.Fofana, Danic, Ngando, Maboulou – Brandao, Kamano, Ayité, Raspentino

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