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Bordeaux Angers Preview

bordeaux angers preview


Bordeaux were very organized last week away at Marseille and the draw was a fair result (finished 0-0).

Bordeaux had major problems in 2016 with injuries, but the one that affected them the most was the injury of keeper Carrasso. He was substituted by newly arrived keeper Bernardoni, who is a talented player, but failed to adapt and couldn’t communicate with teammates.

As a consequence Bordeaux were conceding way too many goals, and coach Rame was forced to substitute Barnardoni with Prior. Now things look better for Bordeaux in the defensive phase, Prior is in good form and confidence, made some impressive saves last round and kept a clean sheet.

There is no pressure on Bordeaux now and they seem to enjoy it. Important striker Diabate was left outside the squad in the last two rounds, but they still looked dangerous thanks to the vitality and confidence of young forwards Ounas, Toure and Crivelli.


It was a disappointing performance from Angers last round against Gazelec Ajaccio (finished 0-0). Angers don’t have any motivation left, but that is no reason to try and kill all games for the rest of the season.

The anti football strategy worked for Angers in the last two rounds, but the reality is they were often cornered and lucky to escape with clean sheets in both games. Most of Angers’ efforts were concentrated in midfield, and they barely created a real scoring chance in the last two games.

Tiredness could also play a major role in future rounds, as Angers used the same players throughout the season.


Recently Bordeaux looked way more determined, confident and fresh than Angers. Hosts should be the ones controlling the game, and judging by how things looked recently, Angers won’t be able to speculate on counters. BORDEAUX -0.5 at 1.90

UPDATE: Bordeaux welcome back forward Diabate, but will miss Ounas due to injury.

Bordeaux: Bernardoni, Prior – Contento, Debuchy, Guilbert, Pablo, Poundjé, Sané – Arambarri, Plasil, Poko, Vada, Yambéré – Crivelli, Diabaté, Jussiê, Malcom, Rolan, Kiese Thelin, Touré

Angers: Letellier, Petric – Andreu, Bourillon, G.Angoula, R.Thomas, Is.Traoré – Bouka-Moutou, Benrahma, Capelle, Diers, Karanovic, Mangani, Ndoye, Saïss – Ketkeophomphone, Sunu, M.Yattara

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