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If you have a device operating on an Android platform you’re in luck, because we developed a couple of sports betting apps to help improve your betting and increase your profits.

Along with valuable information, we want to deliver our visitors a comfortable and pleasant experience, and this is also one of the reasons we developed the betting apps.

This is the list of our sports betting apps available at the moment:

the Ligue1 football betting app where you will find all Ligue1 betting previews (and tips) every round. You will receive notifications when new previews will be posted, so you won’t miss any updates. Since Ligue1 is in vacation there is not much action at the moment, but we strongly advise you to install the app and stay updated with news, stats and transfers.

the forekasta football betting app where you will find football betting previews and tips from all major leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, etc). You can also find analysis on other tournaments (Finland, Denmark, Belgium, etc), that don’t attract that much attention from bookmakers and odds can be pretty valuable. All previews are written by experts around the world. You will also get notified each time there is a new preview, so you won’t have to worry about missing a tip.

the Clubgowi sports betting advice app where you will be able to find premium sports betting previews for free. Of course this is a professional paid service and the previews won’t be available on daily basis. The main purpose will be to familiarize yourself with the service before deciding to subscribe. Of course, it is also a source of information where you will find some of the most professional and informative betting previews available on the internet.

These may not be the best betting apps when it comes to design, but in terms of information provided these are definitely some of the best betting apps available at the moment.

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