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Benefits of using betting brokers

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Betting brokers are perceived as a middle man and only a few bettors are actually aware of the advantages of using their services. Here are some of the real benefits of using Sportmarket:

1. In just one account Sportmarket offers odds from leading bookmakers: Sbobet, Pinnacle, ISN, IBC, Samvo and Matchbook, plus others on request

2. Bets are automatically placed at the highest price available from the mentioned bookmakers

3. Accounts can be opened in USD, HKD, AUD, Euro and Pounds.

4. Deposits and withdrawals through Skrill, Neteller or bank transfer.

5. You can bet on football (soccer), tennis, basketball and NFL games.

6. Place bets directly from your mobile.

7. Winning accounts are never restricted or closed.

8. High limits.

9. Sportmarket is based in the European Union and not some faraway financial paradise.

These are only a few of the advantages of using Sportmarket but the major benefit is the simplicity and efficiency of the software. You’ll fall in love with it.

UPDATE: Sportmarket introduced the option to request bets at higher odds (Future Fulfillment). How many times you felt that the odds offered were simply too low and you refused to place bets at such prices? Now all you have to do is place your order for a higher price and wait for the market to move in the right direction. Your bets will automatically be placed at the desired odds, as soon as the price is available.

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