Bastia – Montpellier Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Bastia – Montpellier Preview

Just like in the last 2 games, Bastia were under heavy domination in the Cup game away at Evian.

After opening the score, contrary to the run of play, Bastia couldn’t do anything else besides defending. They still conceded twice and lost the game, despite concentrating in defense.

For a couple of rounds already Bastia heavily reduced rythm. If that’s not enough they have 2 key players injured. The first one is keeper Landreau who saved Bastia many times this season with his cat like reflexes. And the 2nd one is play-maker Boudebouz (doubful), who quickly became the most important offensive player after transferring in from Sochaux.

Sadly for their fans, Bastia are done with playing with football for this first part of the season.

Bastia will welcome back Diakite, Raspentino and Squillaci after they were rested in the Cup game, but none of them are able to make any kind of difference.

After ex coach Fernandez left Montpellier seem to be the most committed Ligue1 team. They still haven’t won, but they make huge efforts in every game.

New coach Courbis was forced to change the system last rounds due to the suspensions of 2 important defenders, captain Hilton and El Kaoutari. Now finally both of them are back in the squad.

Now it seems like Mounier (gifted and experienced player) is finally a regular after being only a bench warmer under Fernandez. He is slowly picking up rythm and building playing relations with Cabella. It shouldn’t be long now for the results to be seen on the scoreboard.

This game will be decided by teams’ dedication who certainly favors Montpellier at this moment. Bookies make Bastia small favorites but Montpellier +0.25 at the odds of 1.75 is the way to go.

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