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Bastia Montpellier Preview

bastia montpellier preview


Although they lost 2-0 Bastia gave their all last week away at PSG. They heroically closed ranks and forced Ibrahimovic and company to rely on long balls and set pieces.

Bastia are only two points above the relegation zone, but they seem set on making the most of every single game. The attitude is positive and if they continue in this manner there shouldn’t be any relegation woes in the final rounds.

The biggest weakness is the offensive phase, as Bastia need to attack with wingers and midfielders in order to find the net. Striker Brandao is at a Ligue2 level nowadays (in his best days that is…) and most of teammates’ efforts are in vain if the ball reaches Brandao.


Montpellier conceded early last week against Bordeaux and struggled for 75 minutes to get back in the game, but were too soft in the attacking phase.

They have huge potential but unfortunately players seem out-of-form and low on confidence.

Montpellier’s midfield is really impressive, especially when Sanson will return from injury. Midfielders Martin, Sanson and Boudebouz are highly skilled players, capable of bypassing entire defenses on their own. Young Ninga upfront is also a very efficient player and seems to be enjoying his time at Montpellier.

In-spite all that, something is just not clicking, and Montpellier simply can’t get positive results.


When it comes to skills and resources Montpellier definitely have the upper hand. But Bastia will be able to compensate through determination and solid organization, and in the end both sides may neutralize each-other and split points.

UPDATE: Bastia welcome back winger Ayite after injury. Montpellier’s midfielder Sanson will once again sit out

Bastia: Leca, Hansen – Cioni, Marange, Modesto, Squillaci, Peybernes, Djiku, Palmieri – Cahuzac, Mostefa, S. Fofana, Danic, Ngando – Brandao, Kamano, Ayité, Romain

Montpellier: Pionnier, Ligali – M.Ndiaye, Congré, Hilton, Skhiri, Bensebaini, Deplagne – J.Martin, Boudebouz, Br.Dabo, W.Rémy, Saihi – M.Yatabaré, So.Camara, Ninga, Cornette, Ribelin, Bérigaud

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