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Angers – Rennes Preview

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Balanced game between Monaco and Angers last week and with a bit more courage Angers could have made a surprise (Monaco won 1-0).

Angers had their share of chances but forwards seemed to be intimidated by opponents’ names and got soft in-front of goal. Key forward Sunu returned from injury about two weeks ago but hasn’t found any form yet.

In defense and midfield things look pretty good with high levels of discipline and organization. Angers never change tactics regardless if they are the ones opening the score, or the opponents manage to find the net early. This is actually why most of Angers’ games finish with just one goal scored, or no goal at all.

Angers will have to do without suspended defender Thomas.


Just like Angers, Rennes could have made a surprise last week against PSG if they would have been a bit more daring (PSG won 1-0). As they game progressed Rennes realized they are capable of stopping PSG way before they reached the penalty box.

Rennes were satisfied with that situation and didn’t even tried to create problems for PSG. Of course they were punished for this non combative attitude and conceded with 15 minutes to go.

Not only last round but for a month already Rennes seem to lack confidence and are very soft in the attacking phase. Important winger Ntep has been injured for a few rounds (is doubtful once again) and Rennes’ attacking potential diminished considerably.


Both Angers and Rennes seem to be lacking confidence in the attacking phase and their attempts are soft and easy to stop. Since both sides prefer to play around in midfield this game shouldn’t be any different than the rest of Angers’ home games (no goal or just one goal scored). Total goals 0-1 at 2.19

UPDATE: Rennes will once again have to do without winger Ntep. They will also miss defender M’Bengue.

Angers: Butelle, Letellier – Andreu, G.Angoula, Is.Traoré, Manceau – Auriac, R.Camara, Diers, Mangani, D.Gomez, C.Ndoye, Ngosso, Saïss – Karanovic, Ketkeophomphone, S.Sissoko, Sunu

Rennes: Costil, Sorin – S.Armand, Danze, Diagne, P.Mendes, S.Moreira, Zeffane – André, Baal, Y.Sylla, A.Doucoure, G.Fernandes, Quintero – G.Sio, Grosicki, Boga, P.Henrique, O.Dembélé

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