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Angers – Guingamp Preview

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Nobody expected Angers to perform at such standards especially since they are newly promoted. While some may say that Angers are punching above their weight, they fully deserve the 2nd position in the table, as they are maybe the most organized and disciplined side in Ligue1.

They do not excel in individual skills but instead they are able to outplay opponents thanks to constant collective efforts. Like all teams they do have a couple of players that stand out, for example central midfielder NDoye who is having the best season in his career and scored 3 goals so far, and forward Sunu who transferred-in this summer and quickly became a key element.

Being a highly organized team set pieces and long balls play a big role in Angers’ strategy. Although most opponents surely realized what Angers’ strength is, it seems that nobody has the power to neutralize them.

Angers will welcome back central midfielder Saiss after suspension.


Last round Guingamp were without important central midfielders Mathis and Sankhare and were forced to build actions mostly down the flanks. Winger Salibur was Guinagmp’s most active player, made an excellent game, delivered an assist and we will surely see more of him from now on (Guingamp – Lille 1-1).

Guingamp look really decent this season, prone to extra efforts and always capable of creating a surprise. With experienced forward Briand upfront Guingamp don’t need prolonged possession and can score when opponents least expect it.

In defense midfielders are always eager to provide a helping hand and opponents are often outnumbered when trying to break up Guingamp’s defensive wall.

The overall strength will increase this round as Guingamp welcome back central midfielders Mathis and Sankhare.


Both teams seem to have enough endurance power to resist for 90 minutes. Most probably neither side will rush upfront and risk getting exposed. A boring 0-0 draw shouldn’t be ruled out.

UPDATE: No surprises in the squads

ANGERS: Butelle, Letellier – Angoula,Butelle, Letellier – Angoula, Andreu, Bouka-Moutou, Manceau, Thomas, Is.Traoré – Auriac, R.Camara, Capelle, Mangani, Ndoye, Saïss – Doré, Nsame, S.Sissoko, Sunu

GUINGAMP: Lössl, Samassa – Sorbon, Angoua, Jacobsen, Hery, Dos Santos, Lévêque – Diallo , De Pauw, Coco, Cardy, Giresse, Benezet, Mathis, Sankharé – Privat, Salibur, Briand, Bègue

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