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Angers Gazelec Ajaccio Preview

angers gazelec ajaccio preview


It was a balanced game between Troyes and Angers last round, and Angers were very lucky to win thanks to a goal scored in extra time (finished 1-0).

Just like in most games this season, Angers were very organized in the defensive phase and upfront relied mostly on set pieces and counters.

Angers use three forwards in most games, but focus is always in the defensive phase and forwards are actually the first line of defense.

The overall strength will significantly increase this round, as key midfielder N’Doye returns from suspension.


Once again Gazelec Ajaccio have been very pushy but ended up empty handed (lost 2-0 against St Etienne). Relegation is a real threat for Gazelec Ajaccio and although they are 4 points above Toulouse, they are very agitated and don’t seem to respect a game plan.

Lately Gazelec have made many huge defensive mistakes, and that can be decisive, especially when they have an aggressive approach, like they did last round.

Attacking midfielder Larbi is by far the most important player in the squad (also topscorer), but last round he started only on the bench, and wasn’t able to make any difference upon entering the field.

Guests will welcome back midfielder Le Moigne after suspension.


Gazelec Ajaccio have been very nervous lately, and judging by their delicate situation, another impatient performance should follow. Angers are accustomed with defensive tactics and will be more than happy to sit back and wait to exploit opponents mistakes, mistakes that always happen. ANGERS -0.5 at 2.18

UPDATE: No surprises in Angers’ squad

Angers: Letellier, Petric – Andreu, Bourillon, G.Angoula, R.Thomas, Is.Traoré – Auriac, Bouka-Moutou, Benrahma, Capelle, Diers, Mangani, , Ndoye, Saïss – Ketkeophomphone, Sunu, M.Yattara

Gazelec Ajaccio: not communicated yet

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