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Angers Caen Preview

angers caen preview


Angers’ good run in the first part of the season attracted worldwide attention and offers started pouring in. The transfer window has just opened but they have been very active already.

Angers have lost two important layers, forward Camara and keeper Butelle, who have been replaced by young forward Yatarra, loaned-in from Standard, and keeper Petric from Troyes.

Both Camara and Butelle will definitely be missed, as they played a major role in Angers’ strategy. Camara used to get along perfectly with forward Sunu and was also doing the defensive phase, while Butelle made some incredible saves and brought Angers important points.

Angers rely primarily on the defensive phase and this won’t change after the winter break. They have problems in opening up opponents from open play, so set pieces are an important part of their strategy.

Depending on the opponent, Angers’ games are usually boring, with most of the action taking place in midfield and only a few real scoring opportunities.


Caen relaxed a bit too early, and in December they won only 2 points in 4 games. They were up against powerful opponents but surely could have performed better.

Caen are very compact in midfield and don’t need to open up when trying to create pressure. They use a system with 3 forwards (Bessat, Rodelin and Delort) who don’t need prolonged possession or constant help from midfielders in order to find the net.

Caen never adventure upfront and instead they focus on exploiting opponents’ mistakes.

Guests will miss forward Louis who is suspended, but he would have been only on the bench anyway. Caen will also miss fullback Imorou who is injured.


Both sides will be happy to embrace defensive tactics, even if they will both start with three forwards. Especially the first half should be pretty boring, with neither side taking any risks. If by any chance, later in the game someone will find the net, the game should end there. Draw at half time at 1.94

UPDATE: Caen will miss fullback Imorou and winger Bazile

Angers: squad not communicated yet

Caen: Rémy Vercoutre (g), Paul Reulet (g) – Dennis Appiah, Alaeddine Yahia, Damien Da Silva, Syam Ben Youssef, Chaker Alhadhur – Nicolas Seube, Jordan Adéoti, Jonathan Delaplace, Jean-Victor Makengo, Jordan Leborgne, Jordan Nkololo, Julien Féret (cap) – Vincent Bessat, Andy Delort, Ronny Rodelin, Saidi Ntibazonkiza.

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