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Angers Bordeaux Preview

angers bordeaux preview


Excellent performance from Angers last week away at Lyon. Although opponents held most possession and continuously tried to push the game forward, Angers successfully held ground and hit back on counters (Anger won 2-0).

They are second in the table at the moment and there are no signs of a reduced rythm. Of course they may be a bit tired since the squad is thin and coach Moulin couldn’t afford to rotate. They only use substitutes when forced by circumstances, like it could happen this round seeing that important midfielder Mangani and forward Camara suffered injuries last week.

Angers’ primary concern in all games is the defensive phase. This approach works for them (one of the best defense in the league) especially when up against opponents with a fragile defense.


Bordeaux fully deserved to take all points last week against Guingamp. They controlled the game since the first whistle and it was a miracle they scored only once (won 1-0).

Since the season began Bordeaux were hit by injuries, most of them in the defensive department. They are still unlucky, as central defender Pablo returned to the lineup last round but once again got injured and most probably will sit out. Defender Pallois is suspended, Sane injured but Bordeaux have valuable replacements, and even if at times coach Sagnol had to use a midfielder in central defense, Bordeaux were always very competitive.

Striker Diabate played for 90 minutes last round (not happened often this season) and hopefully his form improved and will soon reach full potential.

The midweek Europa League game was not that important for Bordeaux so they used the second squad, and are as fresh as possible for this game.


Bordeaux are always adventurous regardless the opponent, and this may be extremely dangerous against a side like Angers accustomed with defensive tactics and able to resist. If Bordeaux won’t change approach they will most probably leave empty handed.

UPDATE: Great news for Angers as both Mangani and Camara recovered from injuries and will be present. Bordeaux will have to do without Pallois, Saivet and Sane who are suspended, while Sertic, T.Toure, Chantome, Jussie and Pablo are injured

Angers: Butelle, Letellier – Andreu, Angoula, Bouka-Moutou, Thomas, Traoré – Auriac, Camara, Capelle, Diers, Manceau, Mangani, Ndoye, Ngosso, Saïss – Karanovic, Ketkéophomphone, Sunu

Bordeaux: C.Carrasso, Prior – Contento, Guilbert, Poundjé, Yambéré, Ambrose – Poko, Khazri, Maulun, Plasil, Ab.Traoré, Vada, Maurice-Belay – Rolan, Kiese Thelin, Crivelli, C.Diabaté, Laborde

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