Anderlecht – PSG Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Anderlecht – PSG Preview

Let’s face it, you already made up your mind regarding this game and you are only reading this to find additional reasons for backing your bet, for growing your confidence.

You are probably considering PSG to be one of the best bets this round in Champions League and you are absolutely right.

After taking a quick look at Anderlecht we realize they lack consistency. Results are alternating from one round to another and they are yet to score in Champions League. They were under complete domination in both their CL games so far (vs Benfica and Olympiakos) and there are absolutely no reasons why this should stop against PSG.

Anderlecht are still without Proto and Vargas, they’ve been injured for a couple of weeks already but I am still mentioning them to make you feel more comfortable in taking PSG…

PSG are coming after an easy and enjoyable (on their side…) encounter with Bastia (4-0 victory). They afforded the luxury of resting a couple of important players, like fullback Maxwell, defensive midfielders Motta and Verratti (suspended and will return now), winger Lavezzi, while Cavani and Ibrahimovic played one half each.

To be honest I am not a fan of PSG’s playing style but I gotta hand it to them: they are mastering the long balls tactic. PSG can take an entire team out of play only by using long balls alone.

The offensive players are so damn skilled that no matter the speed or trajectory of the long ball they can still stop it, and advance or pass it, with just one touch.

Even fullback Maxwell often finds himself alone in opponent’s half served by the likes of central defenders Alex or Marquinhos with long balls.

And exactly when opponents understand that long balls play a big part in PSG’s tactic, they switch to short repetitive passes. Adversaries find themselves in a state of confusion that lasts until the final whistle, time in which PSG are having a blast.

PSG -1 at 1.77 is both safe and valuable. You can take -1.5 for higher odds, but for Ibrahimovic and Cavani football can be a bit boring sometimes and they can take it too lightly.

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