Ajaccio – PSG Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Ajaccio – PSG Preview

In the first part of the season Ajaccio were pretty close to taking all points from PSG.

Ajaccio took the lead early (min 9) and defended heroically for the rest of the game. Only a late equalizer by Cavani (his 1st goal for PSG) denied Ajaccio a historic win.

[restrict paid=true level=1] But things are different now. Ajaccio have a new coach who lacks experience and from a tactical point of view they are a mess, even playing relations diminished considerably.

Bracconi was in charge of the youth team (had executive powers) before taking over the coaching job at Ajaccio. It is an experiment for him that will surely end badly for the Corsican club…

Only through crosses and set pieces Ajaccio can create some danger upfront. Ever since Ajaccio promoted they made a reputation of having a solid and lucid defense. But now that is history, as even the defensive phase is done chaotically at Ajaccio. Offside traps don’t work, players don’t synchronize and they don’t cover for one another. As a consequence Ajaccio conceded 1.78 goals per game so far, 2nd highest in Ligue1 after Sochaux (2.05 goals per game)

Like it wasn’t enough that Ajaccio could barely reach opponents penalty box, now it is reported that winger Belghazouani will transfer in Begium, striker Oliech will be set free, while forward Mutu is already loaned.

Defender Zubar and central midfielder Pedretti should return after a long period of absence.

PSG’s cup game at Brest was nothing but a soft training session for the Parisians (won 5-2). Ibrahimovic scored a hat-trick and proved he is still in-form after the small winter break.

Central midfielder Veratti will return after missing the game against Brest and will go straight into the lineup replacing young Rabiot.

I don’t think there’s a sane person out-there having doubts over which team is more valuable…
Not only that, but also confidence, organization and even motivation (make amends for the points lost in the 1st game) simply shout for a PSG win, a huge win.

PSG -1.75 at the price of 1.88 is definitely a good bet.

UPDATE: Looks like midfielder Verratti won’t be able to play after all. Still the same bet. [/restrict]

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